MyCourts User Manual
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Accounting Management

MyCourts has the ability to
External Accounting Packages:
To enable you to incorporate sale data and details of each financial transaction into your present accounting package, MyCourts provides several reports. Using these reports, you can create hard copy printouts, excel spreadsheets, csv delimited text data files [and many other options] of all the data you, or you accountant will require.
MyCourts also allows you to enter and record your own Account Codes which will appear in Transaction Reports. Exporting this data to a csv file and then matching the account with your Accounting Package is greatly simplified. In addition to Account Codes, you can also group items into Departments.
If you follow your Accounting Package software documentation, you can easily create the necessary csv data files for importing the data.
These reports are accessed via the Accounting Management Interface.
Allowing Bookings without Payment AND/OR Granting Members Credit facilities
MyCourts is highly customizable and will allow you to take bookings with or without upfront payment or allow members to have credit facilities and hence possibly having both options to pay [possibly by debit to their account] at the time of making the booking. The choice and combination of options is yours.
This can lead to some confusion with regards to reporting and Statements. The following may help you:
Bookings/Sales Reports and Statements are primarily based on the actual booking or sale. Statements list paid/unpaid bookings or sales receipts.
Member AC Statements are based on transactions posted to the members account.
It follows therefore that a member could pay cash for a booking and it will not appear anywhere on the Members Statement of Account. The booking will appear in the Bookings/Sales Reports and Statements only. If the member debits their account in payment of a booking then the transaction will appear in both forms of reports and statements.
MyCourts Accounting Functions:
MyCourts keeps track of your Member's Accounts and records all transactions enabling you to quickly ascertain a member's outstanding balance as well as provide a statement for their use.
Keeping track of your Stock is one facet of MyCourts that many accounting packages lack. Combine these functions with the debtor and creditor capabilities of MyCourts and you will be able to successfully manage your Club.
Please note that several of the functions in this section are restricted to the Enterprise Version.
You access the Accounting Management Interface via the Main Menu Bar:-
Unconfirmed Reservations:
Unconfirmed Reservations [previously known as 'Bookings Only'] are treated differently in that they are NOT considered a financial transaction until such time as a firm commitment to hire the facility has been made. This commitment need not be an actual payment of a deposit but is entered into MyCourts accounting system whenever the reservation is 'Entered'. This is achieved by selecting 'Enter' on the POS Window.
Please keep this in mind when viewing tables and reports. For example, an Unconfirmed Reservation is not included in the Daily Sales Report. Separate reports are available to view Unconfirmed Reservations and Unconfirmed Reservations can be disabled altogether if you prefer.
Accounting gives you access to the debtor management functions of MyCourts. Creditor management is provided via the Suppliers section.
Your debtors will primarily be your Members and any Casuals you allow to use your facilities. In the case of Casuals, MyCourts does not provide extensive recording of address and other recording functions so if your Club provides credit to casuals, we suggest you establish a membership category called "Casuals" (or similar) so that you are able to issue statements etc.
There are 5 Sections:
Sales Tables
These tables provide information relative to Sales recorded for a selected period.
Financial Tables
These tables provide information with regards to you financial transactions for selected periods.
This section allows your front line staff to generate statements for some or all of your members, outstanding debtors etc.
Provides access to your suppliers details and records.
Stock Management
Provides access to stock management and inventory control.