MyCourts User Manual
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Casual Payment

Casual Payment
The Casuals Payment window shows all the outstanding amounts and invoices owing by non-members. It is similar in layout to the Members Outstanding window.

Grouping Panel

Almost all grids in MyCourts are able to be grouped by dragging the column's header to this region which can greatly assist in searching for specific data. In the above example, we have dragged the Hirer Name column header to the panel and then expanded one of our casuals to view the details of outstanding amounts.

Transaction Details

All the details of each transaction are available to you enabling you to quickly find the outstanding amounts.

Pay Bill

Once you have located the outstanding account to be paid, click here to toggle the cross to a tick.

Amount Tendered

Type in the amount that your client wishes to pay here.

Record Payment

Once you have selected each account to be paid, click here to be taken to the POS Payment window where you can complete the transaction, including printing of a receipt if requested.