MyCourts User Manual
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Hire Rate Categories

Hire Rate Categories
Hire Rate Categories are categories you define and then assign to individual member accounts when you open the account. You can have as many Hire Rate Categories as you like. There must always be at least one Hire Rate Category.
Once you have created your categories, you can then configure different Minimum Charges and Per-Period Charges to apply to each of the Hire Rate Categories.
Hire Rate Categories and Membership Categories are NOT the same.

Menu bar

1. Menu bar
You may Close this window, Save your changes or get Help.


2. Description
A meaningful name to apply to the category.


3. Active
Click to toggle whether this Category is active () and selectable or inactive () and therefore not selectable.


4. Code
This is an optional field where you can enter a code of your choice for this Rate. This can be used in Reports and Displays and is especially useful for exporting data to csv, excel or other programs.

Exempt Peak Rates

5. Exempt Peak Rates
Tick if this Rate Category is to be exempt from any Pak Rates.

Navigation Bar

Use the Navigation Bar to move through the list of categories. You can also edit or add categories using the buttons on the menu bar.

New Members Default Membership Rate Category

7. New Members Rate
Select the appropriate rate to use as the default rate for all new members. Other rates can be selected at time of opening or amending the members account.