MyCourts User Manual
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Edit Screen

Edit Screen
Whilst MyCourts is written in English (Australian English that is), there is no reason why you cannot change the text displayed by MyCourts to reflect your particular Clubs needs.


1. Save
Click here to save any changes you have made in the Selected Language column.


2. Cancel
Click to cancel any unsaved changes and revert the table to it's current data.


3. Regenerate
After you have saved your changes that you have made in the Selected Language column, click here to regenerate the resource files used by MyCourts.

Display Codes

4. Display Codes
This is a toggle type button that will force MyCourts to display the code or ID number of the translation that you wish to make.
The following screen image shows an example:
As an example, if you want to change the text "Last booking commences:" then you need to change the text in the code ID of 1179.

MyCourts Default

5. MyCourts Default
The text displayed here is the text that MyCourts has been written in or 'hard-coded'. You cannot change this text however you can replace what is shown in it's place. Further, this text can be a little confusing because you are not viewing the screen where it is used at the same time that you are editing it. To make matters more difficult, there are some cases where the text is used in different parts of MyCourts as well as being concatenated (joined together) in other parts. To make it easier for you to identify which text to alter, use the button 'Display Codes' to identify the ID number of the string.
You will probably need to experiment with your changes before deciding on your final result.

Selected Language

6. Selected Language
You can change this text in this column to suit your needs.
Some hints:
  • Try to keep the number of characters the same as the original as the text may otherwise overlap or be hidden by other fields on the page.
  • Inserting the characters '\r\n' will create a new line of text.
  • Inserting a '&' before a character will mean that character is underlined.
  • To find the specific text that you wish to edit, you can either sort the column or filter the column to match at least part of the text that you wish to change.

Language Selector

Once you have navigated your way to Languages, select your choice of which language you wish to edit.
Don't forget, you can change the English version as well; for example you can change 'Courses' to 'Training Camps' if you want to.