MyCourts User Manual
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Member AC Payment

Member AC Payment
The Member Account Payment window is accessed from the POS Menu after selecting the member from a popup list OR from the Account Payment button on the Membership Account Details window.
Enter the source of the payment in the text box and the total will be calculated for you. Then select whether the member wishes a receipt or not and the click the Record Payment button.
The funds will be credited to the member's account or applied to the outstanding sales as appropriate

Write Off

1. Write Off
This control will only be displayed if you have selected the Write Off option in the relative payment window.
You can of course record a partial write off as well by combining this value with the other available options above.

Print Receipt

2. Print Receipt
You can select whether to print a receipt or not. It will default to the value selected in MyCourts Administrator.

Record Payment

3. Record Payment
Click to record the payment.