MyCourts User Manual
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Multi-Account Charge

Multi-Account Charge
If enabled in Credit Policy, staff are able to charge other member accounts for sales. This enables you to charge individual players (if they are members and have an account) for specified amounts or even to charge another account altogether. For example, children may charge their parents account or employee's may take advantage of their employers account.
The button allowing you to access this window is displayed in the POS window at time of the sale or payment.


Select the member's account that you wish to debit.
You can select the account by either clicking on the drop-down button and selecting from the list or alternatively, start typing the last name of the account holder.
NOTE: The list of member accounts will only contain those members who have an account.


Enter the amount to charge to the members account.


Click to cancel any changes entered and exit this window.

Clear All

Click to clear all Member Accounts and Amounts.


Click to accept the changes you have made.
MyCourts will then check if each member has sufficient credit in their account to meet the charge. If there is insufficient credit, the amount will be highlighted enabling you to change the amount or you may accept the excess.