MyCourts User Manual
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Network Setup Wizard

Network Setup Wizard
The Network Setup Wizard will guide you through the tasks required to setup the right Mode of operation of MyCourts on your computer.
The screenshot above shows the second page after starting the wizard. As you can see, you are required to chose one of three options. Initially, MyCourts will be installed in Standalone mode. Toggle the cross to a tick to select the desired option.
Subsequent pages and choices are either self-explanatory or provide guidance in making your choices. Essentially, each copy of MyCourts running on your LAN must 'point to' or use the same database. Only one computer can be designated as the 'Server Mode' computer and that computer will perform all the regular maintenance required for the database, logging etc. MyCourts will run a service on the Server Mode machine that does all processing in the background with maintenance performed in the early hours of the morning. The Server Mode machine should be left running 24/7.
You should setup your 'Sever Mode' machine first as the location of that computer's database will almost always be the shared database that all your Client Mode computers should use. You will also need to share the database directory so that directory can be accessed by all users of your network.
When using the wizard, please take care with regards to the actual database that you are using. The wizard will tell you the location of the current database it is using however you will need to know beforehand the location of the database that every computer on your LAN uses. Take extra care not to 'move' or 'copy' an unused database over your shared database.
Finally, MyCourts will automatically 'map' the location of your database instead of using UNC paths. This is done because the database's themselves make extensive use of Microsoft's Networking File Sharing functions. If you only use UNC paths, you may experience poor networking performance.