MyCourts User Manual
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Web Design Notes - Off-line Service
MyCourts generates pages with an extension of .html . The pages generated are:
This is the "root" page generated by MyCourts. It lists all the Groups configured in MyCourts that have the 'Publish' setting set true.
When a user selects a Group from this page they are directed to the respective Group index page.
This page is generated for each Group that has the 'Publish' setting set to true.
If the Group Name is 'Airlie Beach' then the page generated is 'Airlie_Beach.html'.
This page will list all the days that are available for bookings for that Group.
The client then selects which day they wish to make a booking for.
This page is generated for each day that bookings are allowed to be published for and will be in the format of the Group Name followed by the day in the format of year|month|day .html.
The page contains a table of all the facilities available for that day and in that Group. At the bottom of that page is a form for the client to submit a Booking Request.
This file is generated to accept the Booking Request form data and send it to MyCourts via a email message.
You can chose where to enter the Booking system. It may suit to create separate links for each Group or simply allow the end user to enter the system via the root page. As the web page name for the actual days bookings table change, you may need to write your own script to generate direct links to the specific days page.
If you prefer not to host your own web booking system as above, we will be pleased to offer you our own hosting services for a very moderate monthly rate.
We will also be releasing in early course, an aspx version of the mailer.php should you not have access to php on your hosting server.
For the first update by MyCourts each day, all files contained in the designated root directory will be deleted. Each subsequent update will only replace the files already in the root directory.