MyCourts User Manual
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Other | Maintenance

Other | Maintenance
Passwords are used in MyCourts wherever Security or enforcement of your Policies [Credit Policy etc] by staff are required. Also, MyCourts allows you to store Credit Card card information which should not be immediately visible to the public or unauthorized staff.

Background Image

1. Background Image
Some windows will display a background image (for example, the Booking Window). You may select the image to display here.

Display Language

2. Display Language
MyCourts ships with Bahasa (Malaysia), Croatian, Czech, English, French, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish languages. You can chose which here.
If you would like MyCourts translated into any other language then please contact us and we will endeavor to accommodate your request.

Quick Add Member

3. Quick Add Member
The Quick Add button can be disabled (hidden) by disabling this option here.
See the Quick Add function for more details.

Image Directory

4. Image Directory
If you use image captures of your members, enter the directory on your computer or LAN/Network where these pictures are saved.

Save Menu State

5. Save Menu State
MyCourts has the ability to hide menu options, move the menu's to the bottom, top or sides, expand menus or navigation bars etc. You can save these changes so that they persist between sessions.
If you want to persist these menu states then toggle this option on. Each individual logged on user's menu state's are saved independently. Individual users can restore the default states in MyCourts main program - Tools - Setup.
Note: If you don't save your work before closing a window or shutting down MyCourts, the window will open at the same place and state as when you left it. This can be confusing so this option is for experienced users only.

Purge Months

6. Purge Months
MyCourts automatically performs maintenance tasks each month. One of those tasks is to purge the database of redundant booking information for each time slot. You can use this spin edit box to select the number of months old the time slot data needs to be before the time slot data is purged from the database.
The default number of months is '3' which means that booking data older than 3 months will be purged from the Court Schedule tables. Please determine how old the court schedules need to be before they are purged and then enter the number of months here.
If you need to ascertain when a particular member used the facilities, this information can be obtained from that user's membership records as individual member's records are not affected by this setting.
You should keep the minimum number of old booking slots in the database as this will have an increasingly adverse impact on the database's performance over time.

Restart MCService

7. Restart MCService
MyCourts maintenance and regular tasks are normally handled by MyCourts Service (MCService) which starts when your computer starts up and runs constantly in the background.
You can manually restart the service by clicking this button.

Quality Improvement Participation

8. Quality Improvement Participation
The Quality Improvement program performs two important functions to help us to maintain MyCourts:
  • It enables us to concentrate our efforts on the features you use the most and
  • It keeps us informed if you experience any major issues with running MyCourts.
The information provided remains anonymous unless you decide to send us more detailed information. You will be given the opportunity to decline sending us detailed information if you so wish. Please rest assured that any information we receive remains confidential and is not passed on to any third parties.

Current Password

9. Current Password
To change the password you will first need to enter the old password here.
MyCourts password is initially set to 'password'. The password is case sensitive.

New Password

10. New Password
Enter your new password here.

New Password II

11. New Password II
Enter your new password again here - just to make sure we get it right.

Update Password

12. Update Password
Click here to save your new password.

Forgot Password

13. Forgot Password
If you have forgotten your password send Aquarius Communications an email and we will recover your password for you.