MyCourts User Manual
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Pro Sessions

A Pro Session is designed to allow your Professional, Course Leader or Trainer to reserve a facility or facilities for their use. They can then determine how to charge their students or attendee's, add or delete students and charge them as appropriate.
Professionals are identified within MyCourts by a special category of membership. Pro's can actually be named whatever suits your needs however no matter what you decide to name them, members in that category will all be included in the same Pro selection process.
Whilst you manage your Professionals from within the Membership Window, you can chose not to treat them as full members with regards to charging fee's, sending emails etc. You may prefer to have a person who is both a Professional and a Club Member to be recorded twice under the two respective categories in your Membership records.
If you haven't already defined what category of membership constitutes your Professionals, you will be prompted via the Create Professional Category window to do so when required. Alternatively, you can create this category yourself using MyCourts Administrator.
Making a Pro Session Reservation
Once your Pro has decided when and for how long to hold a session they can make a reservation for that session in the normal fashion. Facilities reserved in this fashion will attract whatever fee structure you chose to apply to Professionals.
You can also make Block Reservations for Professionals. Reservations made via the Block Reservations system do not attract any fees.
Adding Students for a Pro Session
You can add a student to the Pro Session via the Reservation Details display or via the Pro Session Details window for the particular session.
If you prefer the Reservations Details method, click on the Pro Session reservation in the Facility Window to open the Reservations Details window. Then you can open the Pro Sessions detail page for that session by clicking on the 'View Pro-Session' button: