MyCourts User Manual
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Refund - Other

Refund - Other
Refunds for a purchase other than a payment for a facility booking can be made via this window.
Making a refund does not cancel a booking. If you wish to make a refund of a facility booking fee, use the Cancel Booking window. You will be prompted with the details of the facility booking refund in that window.

Sale Number

Enter the original sale number. If you do not know the sale number you can look it up by clicking the "Lookup Invoice" button and search for the relative transaction.
Once you enter the receipt or transaction number, details of the transaction will be displayed in the window:

Refund Amount

Enter the amount of the refund you are giving here.

Lookup Invoice

Click here to open a window allowing you to search for the original sale:

Refund Reason

Enter a short description of why you are giving a refund.
These comments will be saved to the Comment for this sale if there is already on OR a new comment will be opened.

Cash or Other

Where ever possible, MyCourts will select the appropriate refund method for you. It should correspond to the method of original payment. You may change it if you wish.

Process Refund

Click to process the refund.