MyCourts User Manual
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Refund Online Card Payment

Full or partial refunds for Credit Card payments made online must be processed via the online gateway. Details of the original credit card are not required as your gateway will securely store this data and retrieve it when the refund request is received.
You need to select the transaction that was used to process the original payment via this window. The actual selection is achieved by clicking anywhere within the specific details however we recommend you chose the left most selection indicator.
After you have selected the transaction that you wish to apply the refund to, click the Process Refund button.
Refund Online Card Payment

Process Refund

1. Process Refund
Click this button to process the selected refund.
The following window will open:
Clicking OK will process the refund for you. You can alter the amount refunded in the Amount of Refund box. You can also refund a partial amount more than once however your online gateway will advise you if you attempt to refund more than what was originally charged.


2. Grouping
In this screen shot, we have chosen to group all the transactions by Transaction Date so we can locate the specific transaction quicker.

Selected Payment

3. Selected Payment
You need to select the original payment so that you can apply either a partial or full refund.

Sale Details

4. Sale Details
Click the '+'  next to the Transaction Date and you can view the specific details of the Sale that was originally paid for online via the Credit Card facility.