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Reservations Policy

Reservations Policy
Member Reservation Policy allows you to create conditions that must be complied with before a reservation is accepted for processing. These conditions are in addition to other requirements that you can set elsewhere and are intended to compliment those requirements and not replace them.
When this function is enabled, MyCourts will check each enabled Policy and if any one of the Policies is not met then a message will be presented to either the staff member or the online web user informing them of why MyCourts cannot proceed with making the reservation. If you have allowed the staff member to override the policy, the staff member can elect to continue with the reservation in the normal manner. In the case of an online web user, they will need to modify the reservation request and try again. In the case of an offline web user they will receive an email advising them of why the reservation cannot be recorded.
The policies can be combined giving a wide range of options to club management, particularly in spreading facility usage equitably amongst members. For example, if Policy 1 is enabled as in the example image, any one member can only reserve a facility for their use twice in the specified time frame of 2 - 7 days. If however other facilities are available within the specified period of today or tomorrow (less than 3 days), the same member can reserve that otherwise unused facility for their use up to the number of additional reservations of 5 as specified (if enabled) in Policy 2.
Use the spin edit controls to increase or decrease the values and the radio buttons to define whether the value is in hours or days.
Note: MyCourts will maintain a list of reservations made in accordance with policy so that it will differentiate between reservations made in accordance with the separate policy requirements. This means that expired reservations falling within a defined consecutive time period will only be discarded after the consecutive time period has elapsed.
Note 2: We have tried to make these policies as flexible as possible however we do not expect them to satisfy every clubs specific needs. Please contact us via email if you would like us to implement other conditions.


1. Save
After making any changes, you must Save them by clicking here.

Toggle Options

2. Toggle Options
Each Policy can be individually toggled by clicking the tick or cross applicable.
Apply Web:
The Policy will be applied to Web Reservations in addition to In-House Reservations.
Staff Override:
Staff will have the option to override policy and record the reservation.
This Policy Statement will be checked and enforced.


3. Enable
Toggle this either Enable or Disabled by clicking it. By default, Reservation Policy is disabled and no policy checking is undertaken.

Max Reservations

4. Max Reservations
This Policy allows you to limit the number of reservations any one member can make in any given consecutive time period. It also allows you to loosen this policy and allow the member to make a reservation for a facility that would perhaps not otherwise be utilised.

Max Impromptu

5. Max Impromptu
If a facility has not already been reserved for use that day or within 2 days as in the example, it may well be unused by your 'regulars' and may therefore be made available for 'impromptu' or 'impulse' reservations by your members who would otherwise not qualify in accordance with Policy 1.

Max Days Ahead

6. Max Days Ahead
You may chose to restrict the ability to reserve facilities in terms of the reservations commencement time.

Min Members

7. Min Members
You may chose to restrict facility usage to a minimum number of players who are also members.
Note: MyCourts will allow the same member to be recorded as two or more of the players and will consider them as separate players in terms of checking Policy compliance. If you charge members for reservations then they will also be charged multiple times for the same hire.

Max Reservation Length

8. Max Reservation Length
You can specify the maximum length of a reservation. For example, if you have configured 30 minute reservation periods then setting this value to 4 will restrict bookings to 2 hours.

Min Reservation Length

9. Min Reservation Length
You can specify the minimum length of each reservation.

Min Member Players

10. Min Member Players
You can specify the minimum number of players who must also be members in any consecutive period.
The use of this Policy may well be utilized to ensure that a member cannot otherwise circumvent other Policy Requirements or conversely use their 'entitlement' in a way not otherwise intended.