MyCourts User Manual
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Sale Window

The POS Window is displayed after saving a booking or when clicking the New Sale button from the POS Menu.
Sale Window
If you have chosen the Charge per Hirer Model:
All items (apart from the cost of the facility hire itself) purchased using this form are recorded under the name/account of Player Number 1.  If other players are making a purchase at the same time as the booking you should enter those purchases separately under the POS Menu.
If any one of the players is a casual, Credit Policy as it applies to Casuals will apply to the sale.

Total Due

1. Total Due
This is the Total Amount due from your client as calculated by MyCourts and taking into account the Credit Policy you have set in MCA.
The amount is recalculated when you add an item to the sale by clicking on the button in the "Enter" column.

Payment Panel

2. Payment Panel
The Payment Panel is used to group all the required information when recording the sale.
If you are not recording a sale related to a specific booking, you are able to record the sale in the name of a member by choosing the appropriate member from the dropdown selector as in the following image:

Bar Code Scanner

3. Bar Code Scanner
This button will be displayed when you have enabled the Bar Code Scanner option in Tools -> Setup.
Once you have enabled the Bar Code Scanner, you can use the scanner to add items to the list.
If you need to remove an item from the list, click this button and scan the item. It will be removed from the list.
The button will revert to 'Add Item' after each scan.

Amount Received

4. Amount Received
Enter in the appropriate box the amount received from the client. The Total Received value will be calculated for you.
If a source of funds is not available (eg you don't accept credit cards, the Member does not have an account) the corresponding box will be disabled.

Hire Details

5. Hire Details
If you have entered a court booking, the facility details, amount due for the hire etc will be calculated and entered for you. If the booking covers both Peak and Non-Peak periods, the individual fees will be displayed.
You can also edit the Description of the item which will be saved when recording the sale.

Other items

6. Other items
As you add other purchase items to the bill, they will be added here.
You can also edit the Description of the item which will be saved when recording the sale.

Multiple AC Charge

7. Multiple AC Charge
If you have enabled staff to charge multiple member accounts for sales via Credit Policy, this button will be displayed.
The button is displayed whether the sale is being made in the name of a member who has an account or not.
You can therefore charge a sale for one member to another member's account.
To select the members and amounts, click the button and the Multiple Account Window will be displayed.

Charge Account

8. Charge Account
Enter the amount that you wish to charge to the members account here.
If the member does not have an account, this text box will be grayed out (as in this screen capture). You can still click on the Multiple AC Charge button if you wish to charge another account.

Unlisted Item Buttons

9. Unlisted Item Buttons
These buttons become visible if you have configured MyCourts to allow for 'Unlisted Items' to be sold.
Please refer to Unlisted Items for full details.

Items List

10. Items List
The list of items, sorted alphabetically that you have configured for sale.
You can scroll through the list or use the list's column's names to either resort the list or filter it. You can also enable the option of grouping the list of items if you have grouped them in the Accounting - Stock Control section..

How Many

11. How Many
Use the arrows to select how many of each item you have sold.
To add the item to the list of purchased items, after choosing the number of items purchased, select another cell away from the Quantity column.


12. Discount
If you have enabled Staff to give discounts in Credit Policy then the POS Window will display a box where you can enter the amount of any discount you will give as well as a button that you will need to click to apply the discount to the sale.
If you wish to apply a discount for any item first select the item in the Register window , then enter the amount in the Discount box and click the Apply Discount button.
To adjust the amount of discount, enter the amount of the adjustment and then click the 'Apply Discount' button.


13. Surcharge
If you wish to charge a Surcharge for any item first select the item in the Register window , then enter the amount in the Surcharge box and click the Apply Surcharge button.
To adjust the amount of surcharge, enter the amount of the adjustment and then click the 'Apply Surcharge' button.

Payment Methods

14. Payment Methods
The Enter and Void buttons will always be available to you. The 'Unconfirmed Reservation Only' button may not be visible if you do not accept unpaid bookings (See Credit Policy).


15. Receipt
You may chose to print a receipt for this transaction or not.
A receipt will be printed to the default printer automatically. If you have both a Receipt Printer and a normal printer, the Receipt Printer will be used. If printing a receipt for multiple bookings you will also be given the opportunity of printing the receipt to the default printer as the receipt will contain more detail.
The choice as to the default setting of this radio button is configured in the MCA POS General window.


16. Rate
The rate applicable to this member or sale will be shown here. You may select a different rate and the hire charges will be recalculated using the selected rate.

Open Cash Draw

17. Open Cash Draw
The Cash Drawer (if installed) will open each time a cash transaction is made however you may click here to open it at other times.

Comment Button

18. Comment Button
Click here to view or add a comment.