MyCourts User Manual
Version v

Setting Up Facilities

MyCourts comes pre-configured with 8 facilities all grouped into one group. MyCourts can manage up to 48 different facilities and up to 20 different groupings.
Facilities can be virtually anything you hire out. It can be a court (of any type), a dining room table, a private sauna, a boxing ring, a swimming pool lane - almost anything. You can then group those facilities into any category you wish to make managing them easier. You could group by the facilities location, it's rate of hire (or standard), it's degree of difficulty etc.
As with all other configurable items, you setup Facilities and Groups in MyCourts Administrator.
You should setup your Groups first as you will allocate each facility to a Group when you set the facility up however the choice is yours as to which comes first. Groups are setup in the Customize Groups window.
Facilities are setup in the Facilities Window. Each facility can only belong to one Group.
Detailed help as to how you configure and setup each Group and Facility can be found in the Help references listed and linked above.