MyCourts User Manual
Version v


Creating different Membership Categories allows you to define individual fees and rates to that category. This is most useful when you wish to give discounts or charge extra according to specific membership groups.
You can also define when membership fees require renewal, what the fee is for each category and even send email reminders.

Member Categories

1. Member Categories
Defining Membership Categories allows you to assign different rates, fees etc to your members.
Enter a suitable description. This will be displayed in drop-down menu choices etc.
Include as member
Tick if you wish this category to be included as a fully qualified member and entitled to all membership benefits.
Member Code
Enter a code which will be used in accounting entries.
Periodic Membership Fee
Enter the amount of this categories membership fee.

New Members

2. New Members
Select the default category that will be used when you create a new member. You will of course be able to change this when creating the specific member.

Membership Fees

3. Membership Fees
Specify a default fee that will be used when a specific fee has not been defined for that member's Membership Category.
Membership can require renewal either on an Annual basis OR on a set monthly period of your choice. If it is on an Annual basis then the members Financial To field will be set to the next Annual due date from date of payment.
If all your membership categories have a set annual renewal date as shown in the above example (30th June) then you must show 0 months in the Membership expires section. If you select a value other than 0 in the number of months, then each members membership will have a Financial To date corresponding to the number of months since the last time the membership expired. The initial Financial To date will be the chosen period in months added to the date they made their first payment.
If you are not using MyCourts Point Of Sale then you will need to enter the Financial To date manually in their Membership record.

EMail Reminders

4. EMail Reminders
You can set MyCourts Service to send an email reminder of the member's upcoming renewal requirements by setting the number of days before expiry. If you leave the number of days at 0, MyCourts Service will not send out email reminders.
You can also send each member whose membership falls due within the number of days specified an additional reminder immediately by clicking the Send Now button.
You can customize the email itself by clicking the 'View or Edit Email Reminder Template' button. The cost of renewal will be determined from the member's category and automatically inserted for you.