MyCourts User Manual
Version v

Unlisted Item

Unlisted Item
An Unlisted Item is an item or a service that you sell that has not been recorded as an Inventory or Stock item in the Stock Register.
To make use of this feature, first create a Stock Item in the Stock Register and toggle the Unlisted Item to true. You need to do this to define which department and other data that applies to the actual sale itself.
Having defined an Unlisted Item, the appropriate buttons will be displayed in the Point of Sale window.
Note that the Cancel Item button is only displayed when an Unlisted Item has been selected in the grid.
To add an Unlisted Sale Item, click the Unlisted Item button. To delete an Unlisted Sale Item, first select the item in the grid and then click the Cancel Item button.


1. Description
Enter a description of the item or service here. It will be recorded in MyCourts as well as any receipts issued.

How Many

2. How Many
How many items are you selling. It defaults to one.

Sale Price

3. Sale Price
Enter the sale price of each item.


4. Total
The total is calculated by MyCourts for you.

Cancel or Save

5. Cancel or Save
Click the appropriate button to proceed.