MyCourts User Manual
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Web Interface

MyCourts has two differing Web Interfaces. They are:
Off-line Services
Off-line Services are limited to providing your members and guests to making bookings online. We have no plans to expand this service.
In essence, once enabled and properly configured, MyCourts will upload to your web site, at times that you select, web pages that contain details of which facilities and what periods are available for hire. For confidentiality purposes, these pages do not contain details of the hirer.
You may optionally allow your members to submit, via the web site, a form that will send an email booking request to MyCourts to automatically process. Each hirer will be advised via email of the success or otherwise of their booking request, again without requiring any input from yourself or staff. The member will be able to use that email as a confirmation (or otherwise) of their booking. If a member enters an email address (or even leaves it blank) on the booking form that is not the same as that recorded in MyCourts, as an added security feature, MyCourts will send an email confirmation to both the recorded email addresses and the address entered.
You may also chose a combination of requirements as to password protecting the service from abuse. You can elect to set a 'common password' that all members can share when making a booking, have your members register a password with you and optionally force them to use that password or alternatively, require no passwords at all.
Please read the specific instructions for each field in the Setup Window carefully. If in doubt as to what is required, please contact us for assistance however we suggest you discuss your web setup with your web designer as they will most likely be able to assist you with specific help in the first instance.
We also strongly recommend that a specific email address be used for monitoring requests for bookings as MyCourts may well delete or otherwise interfere with mail that it finds that does not conform to it's requirements.
Finally, if you prefer, we are able to host both the web site pages as well as the specific email service for your Club for a small monthly fee. If you wish to use this service, please email us for details and pricing. Setup of this service can usually be completed within 24 hours.
On-Line Services
On-Line Services currently provide real-time booking services only however will be expanded to include a number of features including online payments, membership details, renewals, gift vouchers etc. over the coming months and as demand from our users dictates.
MyCourts uses Microsoft IIS so information regarding bookings, membership etc is served to your web visitors from the computer which is running MyCourts. You will be able to use all the web enabled facilities that MyCourts offers on your own internal LAN 'out-of-the-box'. To provide access via the internet, you will need an ADSL Internet connection with an upload speed of 256k or better for the service to run smoothly and effectively. You will also require a static IP address from you ISP.
Unlike the Off-line Service, the On-line Service is a real time service so bookings etc are made and confirmed instantly. MyCourts itself need not be running - all you need is to leave the web service running to provide your members with access to MyCourts via the internet.
On-line Services are all configured within MyCourts. You do not need any web design experience nor do you require any web authoring software to provide on-line real-time services to your members and guests. Also, we provide you with any support you require to get MyCourts On-line Services up and running as part of your support agreement with us.
Please note that MyCourts Web Server is not designed to replace your current or 'normal' web site. Your ADSL connection speed will probably not be capable of serving the many large graphic files that are normally found in web site design. MyCourts Web Server is however a very powerful server and will be very capable of serving up the pages in relation to bookings and other MyCourts services in all but the most demanding times. Your web designer will be able to integrate MyCourts Web Services into your current website without difficulty.