MyCourts User Manual
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MCA Backup  Restore

The Backup and Restore functions of MyCourts are contained in MyCourts Administrator Backup | Restore pages. In addition, backups can be created via MyCourts Main program.
Prior to MyCourts Version 9, Backups and Restores were separated for the Application and the Database functions however since then the functions have been combined.
Backups created by MyCourts Administrator only include the files located on the computer that you are running MyCourts Administrator on. If you have networked MyCourts, you will need to complete your backups or restore operations on each computer running MyCourts. In a networked situation, the database utilized by each of the server and client machines is only backed up on the computer designated as the server machine.
MCA Backup  Restore
Restore functions must not be performed whilst MyCourts is running.
It is recommended that you only restore backups that were created using the same version of the program that you are restoring to.


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