MyCourts User Manual
Version v

MyCourts Administrator

MyCourts Administrator (MCA)  is a stand alone program that is designed to help you manage the administration of the MyCourts program and specifically, the management of the database and configuration.
MCA does not need the main database to be accessible for it to run and therefore MCA  is an invaluable tool should you ever be unable to have MyCourts startup.
When you open the Administrator from the Start Menu, MCA will check the main database and make sure it is accessible and that the backup directory is also available. If any of these checks fail, MCA will present you with the Validation screen where you can run some checks and get advice on what to do to fix any access problems.
MCA should not be run whilst MyCourts is also running unless you have experience in database management.
MCA is designed to operate on the same machine as the main database. MCA will be largely disabled on a work station however you will be able to use MCA on a work station to change the location of the database.

Please Note:

It takes a few seconds to backup MyCourts database. It's just a mouse click away. If you accidentally do anything wrong and you haven't backed up, it could take hours to fix. DO A BACKUP before anything else!