MyCourts User Manual
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Course Units

Course Units
Course Units are the basic building blocks for your course or training programs and should generally be of short duration and with a very specific achievement goal.
Course Units are not required to be defined however if you are using the same course module in different courses then defining them for later re-use is strongly recommended.

View Selector

The View Selector allows you to view Active, Inactive or All Course Units.
As with other items in MyCourts, you never delete an item as it may be required for future reference. Deleting an item normally only marks it as Inactive and therefore is generally hidden from selection menus.

Unit Title

2. Unit Title
The Unit Title should be short and descriptive of what you wish to achieve.

Unit Duration

3. Unit Duration
How long will it take to complete or achieve this unit's goal. If it is going to take a long time then you should consider breaking it up into more identifiable and achievable objectives.

Unit Fee

4. Unit Fee
The cost of conducting and / or attending this unit.


5. Active
Indicates whether this Unit can be taken by a student.
You can toggle this Unit inactive [] and it will not be displayed in the list of available Units.

Unit's List

6. Unit's List
The list of all the Units.
Use this list to navigate through the various Units.

Add or Edit Notes

7. Add or Edit Notes
Click to edit the notes applicable to this Unit.
The notes should indicate what the unit sets out to achieve.


8. Navigation
Used to navigate through the all the available Units.

Edit Buttons

Click to add a new Unit, edit a Unit or even Delete a Unit.
Note that you cannot really delete a Unit - you can only mark it as Inactive.

Navigation Menu

10. Navigation Menu
Clicking the Navigation Bar here bought us to this screen.