MyCourts User Manual
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MyCourts has the ability to manage various events that you will normally encounter in any sporting complex. These events vary in structure but are almost always centered around the use of your facilities. We have created three types of structured events for you. We have called them Events, Courses and Pro Sessions. Which event structure is best for you to use will be decided by various factors including the number and frequency of facility reservations required, number of attendees, duration in weeks/days etc. This section of our Help refers to Courses.
We have named this section "Courses" however it could equally have been named Coaching, Lessons, Training Events etc. If you wish to change the title "Courses", have a look at MyCourts Administrator where you can edit MyCourts Language files to suit your needs.
Building a Course for Use
To help you establish and manage your courses (or whatever you call them in your sport), MyCourts has been designed to help you reuse and build differing course segments leading to your final 'Current Course'.
The "Current Course" is what your "Students" attend.
Step 1.
First of all, we recommend you break down your training into reusable modules that we have called Units. You need not define "Units" if you will never use that unit in more than one course. Details of a reusable course module are defined under Course Units.
Step 2.
Create a Course Template. A Course Template is basically the course itself however instead of 'hard-wiring" the course you only configure those aspects that will remain constant. Variables (like the date and time of course) are left blank.
Step 3.
Create the Current Course using a Course Template as the base.
Managing Courses
Courses are generally managed via the Current Course window. You can manage attending students, change course leaders etc from the Current Course Function Menu.
Managing Attendance Records is very important and includes collecting fees where appropriate. This is all managed via the Course Attendances window.
We had to call the students something but they are just as well described as attendee's, the "swim squad", the "dream team" or whatever but I think you get the idea. Again, you can change this to suit your club's needs.
Students and Course Leaders (the same category as Professionals) personal details are recorded in the same database as the rest of your members but you are able to segreagate these records so they are treated as non-members when it comes to fees etc. You do have the choice to set these up as full members as well. You can also have the same individual fall into more than one catgeory.