MyCourts User Manual
Version v

General Setup I

Use this screen to configure options that apply to both the Online and Offline web service options.
General Setup I

Save Button

1. Save Button
Click to save your changes. If you navigate away from this window before saving you will lose any changes.

Enable Services

2. Enable Services
Click to toggle the web services either Yes or No.
This setting will override both the Online or Offline web service enabled selections.

Web Server

3. Web Server
If running MyCourts over a LAN you can select which computer is running the MyCourts Web Service.

Publish Facilities

4. Publish Facilities
Click this button to select the facilities that you wish published on the web service. The Publish Facility window will be displayed.


5. Templates
Templates are files that you can edit to reflect what you wish your members and guests to see. These files are located in a central directory on your computer. At MyCourts installation they are placed in the C:\MyCourts directory.
You can move that directory elsewhere on you computer by using this Windows Directory selector.
Details of the files for Offline use are located under the Offline Service pages.

Web Bookings

6. Web Bookings
Toggling this option will either enable web bookings or disable web bookings. At present this only affects the Offline Service.
Toggling this to No will mean that the Request Booking form will not be appended to the web pages uploaded to your web server.

Administrators Email

7. Administrators Email
MyCourts requires that an address be entered where it can send notifications of errors or possible security violation attempts. This is not the same address that MyCourts itself requires for it's own use (see General Setup - II).
Mainly used for the Offline Service as the Online Service also writes these messages to the log file in most cases.
This is an important notification tool and it should therefore be an address that is monitored regularly and at all times whilst MyCourts Online web service is running.

Days To Publish

8. Days To Publish
Restricts the period in which a member or guest may book ahead.
In the Offline service, a page is created for every day and group so if you have 1 group but wish to allow your members and guests to book say 60 days in advance you will generate 60 pages. This is not overly onerous on MyCourts however the time taken to upload these pages via FTP could become a critical issue.
In the Online Service, the number of days ahead is largely irrelevant as far as performance is concerned as the pages are generated in real-time and only as needed.
In neither case are your members and guests able to view historic facility records.