MyCourts User Manual
Version v


To get you quickly acquainted to terms used in MyCourts:
Block Reservation
Reserve one or more facilities for one or more periods.
A reservation made in the name of a non-member.
Coaching, Lessons, Training Events are all described in MyCourts as a Course.
Course Leader
A person designated to manage or conduct a course. Normally the Club Professional.
Credit Limit
If a member has an account you can assign a limit to which the account can be allowed to go into debit.
Credit Policy
A collection of statements as to what you will allow with regards to granting credit to members and casuals. Credit can be managed by way of individual member accounts or freely available to anyone.
An amount deducted from the calculated price of the facility hire or item at the time of the sale.
Sales and Inventory can be assigned to an individually defined departments to assist with grouping sales etc.
An event being conducted by the Club. Need not be associated with a reservation for a facility.
A Club Asset that can be hired out. Normally a court but any rentable item can be defined as a facility. For example, swimming pool lanes, playing fields, meeting rooms, dining facilities etc.
An item sold by the Club. Normally a physical item but can also be in the nature of a fee collection. For example, heating charges, levies, annual membership dues.
Item Code
A code that can be assigned by the Club to an individual sale item to assist with exporting data to an accounting program.
Local Area Network.
A person or business registered with the Club.
Member Account
Members can have an account which can also have a credit limit applied. Reservations charged to a Members Account are classed as having been Paid.
Membership Category
A user defined unlimited number of categories that members can be assigned to.
Minimum Charge
The minimum amount to charge for a reservation consisting of one or more periods.
MyCourts Administrator    
Standalone program that you use to configure the many options for use in MyCourts.
MyCourts Reports
Standalone program that is used for designing and producing specialized reports.
Net Sale
Represents the amount of the sale after adding in the Surcharge and deducting any discount.
Peak Rate
The amount to charge for each period designated as a Peak Period. Normally this will be your busy or high demand period.
A minimum period of time that a reservation can be made for. The minimum period is 15 minutes and then increments in 15 minute steps configurable by the Club.
Per Period Charge
The amount to charge for each period.
Point Of Sale. POS refers to the process of accepting or recording the receipt and payment of money.
POS Equipment
POS Equipment supported by MyCourts includes printers, line displays, scanners and cash drawers.
Pro Session
A Club Professional or similarly designated member can reserve a facility for their own use. The method of charging can also be specified differently for these reservations.
Rate Category
A user defined category that different per period charges can be applied to. There must be one Rate Category at all times. Different rate categories can be applied to different membership categories, individual members or casuals.
A period of time where a facility is reserved for use by a member or casual.
Short Message Service or Text Messaging
A Surcharge may be applied to a reservation at the time of making the reservation or payment. Surcharges are of no fixed value and any amount may be applied. If you want to fix the amount, then you should create an Inventory Item and use that instead.
Normally refers to the exchange of money or of debiting or crediting a members account.
Unconfirmed Reservation
When a person wishes to make a reservation but they are not sure that they will be able to make it, you can make an Unconfirmed Reservation. These reservations are NOT included in any financial reports or transaction reports as no money has changed hands.
You can disable the making of these types of reservations.
Unlisted Item
Normally, all items for sale are listed as an Inventory/Stock item however if enabled, you can define a sale item at the time of the sale. These items are called Unlisted Items.
Web Services
MyCourts provides both offline (via FTP) and online (via it's own bundled web server) internet and LAN access for members use.