MyCourts User Manual
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Registration | Licencing

You have a trial period of 30 days in which to evaluate MyCourts. During this time we will welcome any requests for additional assistance or consider adding or amending the program to fit your Club's requirements. If you would like to send us your suggestions or requests then please click here to send us an email.
We are committed to maintaining MyCourts and already are well under way in adding more bells and whistles to make Management of your Club's bookings that much easier.
Please visit us at our website where you can purchase MyCourts online and receive your registration key immediately when paying by credit card.
When you purchase MyCourts we will send you a registration code that you enter into MyCourts. The registration code removes the 30 day time limitation. You will not lose any of your setup or database configuration.
Thank you for evaluating MyCourts and we hope you purchase MyCourts.
Best wishes and have fun,
The MyCourts Development Team.