MyCourts User Manual
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MCA Maintenance Alert

MCA Maintenance Alert
MyCourts will perform maintenance on the database at least once a day and during that time, the database will not be available for use by either the console operators or the web services. Maintenance is performed at approximately 4:20 am each morning however if the machine that hosts the database is not running at that time, maintenance will be performed when the machine is next started. Maintenance is also performed whenever one of the programs that are included with MyCourts are updated. Maintenance duration will depend on the size of the database itself however it should normally take less than a minute to complete.
The above message will be displayed when maintenance is being performed. It will automatically be closed when maintenance is finished. If you wish, you can click the Close button and MyCourts Administrator will close down immediately.

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2. Close Button
Instead of waiting for Maintenance to complete, click this button to exit MyCourts Administrator.