MyCourts User Manual
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User Changes

User Changes

Show Passwords

1. Show Passwords
This button only applies to the passwords after they have been entered.
Passwords are normally hidden from view in an endeavour to ensure that no one can read them from over your shoulder. Clicking this button will reveal the password.
The button is a toggle so you can click it again to hide your password.

Current Password

2. Current Password
The current user must enter their current password before any changes will be saved.
This may be their One-Time Password advised to them in the email sent to them if they have forgotten their current password or they are a new User.

Change Password

3. Change Password
The New Password panel is displayed by default however if the user does not wish to change their password they will need to toggle the Change Password control to No.
If they are using a One-Time-Password then this panel cannot be hidden.

Cancel & Save Buttons

4. Cancel & Save Buttons
Cancel merely cancels and closes this window.
Save will validate all the fields on the form except the new password fields if the user has selected not to change their password. If validated, the changes will be applied.