MyCourts User Manual
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On-Line Service

MyCourts On-line Web Service
MyCourts web server is configured via the MyCourts Administrator (MCA) program and detailed instructions are available under that section.
MyCourts utilizes Microsoft IIS web server engine that meets all the minimum or higher standards for providing web services and web access to your computer via the internet. You may use another web server engine if you wish but we are unable to provide technical support for those server engines. Please ensure that only one web server is running on your computer.
When installed, MyCourts will configure most Firewalls to allow it to access and respond to requests via the standard WWW Port 80. It does not open or use any other ports accessible via the internet so your computer remains secure.
Within your own LAN, and to access MyCourts using your favorite browser, all you need do is type in http://localhost or if accessing MyCourts from another computer on your LAN you will use or whatever IP address (or computer name if you have installed DNS) is assigned the computer running MyCourts. If you allow access via the internet then you will need to obtain a static IP Address from your ISP and have it assigned to your web router (or modem). You will then need to configure your router to forward traffic on port 80 to the computer running MyCourts. Full details are available in the MCA Section as well as MyCourts Online Knowledgebase.
The web pages and email templates are all edited via MCA.