MyCourts User Manual
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Online Setup

This window allows you to configure MyCourts to serve up pages in real time for use by your members and guests either within your own LAN or via the internet.
Online Setup


1. Save
Click to Save your changes.


2. Status
This will advise you whether you are currently connected to the internet or not.

Port Number

3. Port Number
When you first install MyCourts Web Service, the port number that the web service listens on is port 80 which is the default for all web browser software (IE, FireFox, Chrome etc) to use. You can change that port number here to whatever suits your needs. This will commonly be changed when you redirect traffic from your router to the computer running MyCourts Online Web Server.
To access the online web service via your LAN, if you use a port number other than 80, you will need to add the port number to the end of the url. For example http://localhost:8181 .
You should also note that port 80 may be conflicting with Skype and / or other programs running on your computer. If you are having problems accessing MyCourts web site, check out our dedicated Knowledgebase/Help web site at for further assistance.

Start Toggle

4. Start Toggle
You will be advised here whether the web server is running or not.
You can click the button to either Start the service or Stop it.


5. Startup
Toggle this setting to start()  the web service automatically at the same time that your computer is booted or rebooted.
MyCourts web server runs independently of MyCourts so you do not need to have MyCourts running to provide your members and guests with access.

Web Server URL

6. Web Server URL
This is the human readable address that we all understand and will use to access your online web service.
After obtaining a static IP address from your current ISP, you assign that IP address to the human readable address in your DNS.
The human readable address is included in your default welcome message to your new users.
Note: You will most likely be assigned a static IP address in the format of ''. That is called an IP4 address. This is being replaced by IP6 addresses but this is still some time away. You could record here your IP address viz and that will end up exactly the same as if you had entered the human readable address.

Default Theme

7. Default Theme
MyCourts comes bundled with a number of themes. These themes cover the page background, text colour, borders etc. You will need to view them all and decide which best suits your club's needs.
This setting is only for the default theme. Once a member has logged on they will have the option to chose the theme that suits themselves.
The selected theme will be remembered by MyCourts and will become the default theme for that member until they decide to chose another theme.
The member can change this theme by choosing from the available themes listed in the dropdown selector as in the image.

Default Display Language

8. Default Display Language
As in MyCourts, the Online Web pages can be displayed in a number of languages. Chose the default language that will be displayed to members when they first log on to the web site.
The member has the opportunity to select the language they would prefer by selecting from the languages listed in the drop down selector as in the image.
Once the member has visited the web page, MyCourts will remember the chosen language and will use that language as the default until changed again by the user.

Default Font

9. Default Font
Select the default font for the text displayed in the web pages.
Note: Some themes will have their own fonts which will override the font chosen here.

Update Style

10. Update Style
Click here to update the font you have just selected.
Changes are implemented immediately (you may need to refresh your browser to see the change).