MyCourts User Manual
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Gateway Testing

The following information does not apply to NetPay.
You can test the configuration settings for your chosen Credit Card Gateway using this window which is displayed as a result of clicking the Test Gateway button. If you do not tick the option to use the MyCourts supplied test mode data, the only fields that will be completed for you are contained in the Gateway Information section.
If any extra data is required by your chosen Gateway, the Gateway Specific Data section will be populated with appropriate fields requiring completion.
Gateway Testing


1. Pre-Authorize
This button will check the credit card data provided and advise you whether it is valid. Your Gateway is not contacted - the credit card data is validated within MyCourts.
MyCourts will perform this validation before contacting your Gateway on each occasion. Whilst some Gateways charge you for each transaction (whether successful or not), performing this check will speed up the notification of the provision of invalid data to your client.


2. Authorize
In Test Mode, the data will be processed by your Gateway and you will be advised the outcome however no amount is actually charged to an account. Not all Gateways have a Test Mode so check with them first before performing his test.
If there are any errors they will be advised to you. Please carefully note these down as MyCourts Support will require this data to enable them to make any necessary adjustments to the MyCourts program.

Test Mode

3. Test Mode
Test Mode will be displayed here if you are in Test Mode. If you are Live, you will be advised that it is a "Live Test". If you are performing a Live Test, the credit card will be charged and the transaction processed by your Gateway.
You can click this control to toggle between Live and Test modes.