MyCourts User Manual
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Credit Card Gateway

MyCourts online web service has the capability of accepting credit card payments for online reservations, account payments, both online and recurring etc. To enable this capability you will first need to open an account with an Online Credit Card Gateway provider. Depending on the provider you chose, you may  be required to have a Credit Card Facility with a Credit Card provider. We suggest you first contact your present Credit Card Provider to ascertain if they provide the gateway facility directly or whether you need to go through a third party. In either case, MyCourts will almost certainly be able to handle the transactions for you.
Be aware that the Gateway Provider may be able to arrange for another Credit Card Provider to take over your credit card processing at a more competitive rate.
MyCourts has been pre-configured to automatically interact with over 80 Gateways globally. In real terms however, many Gateways use the same system and therefore even if your chosen Gateway is not listed in MyCourts there is a very good chance it will work without much difficulty. In any event, it is likely that you will need to contact MyCourts Support to assist with the initial setup. We also recommend you contact us before signing up to ensure compatibility. We will be only to happy to help you configure your chosen gateway and if necessary, make minor adjustments to the MyCourts program at no additional cost.
The following screen capture is of the Credit Card Gateway setup window. Most Gateways only require two or three items to be configured so don't be daunted by the large selection of configuration options.
Each field that applies to your chosen Gateway must be completed. This data will be used by MyCourts when communicating with your Gateway. You cannot change the data contained in this window anywhere else in MyCourts as it is considered to be applicable to each and every transaction. Additional information relating to the credit card and sale will be obtained at the time the transaction is processed.
Credit Card Gateway


1. Save
Click to save your changes.

Gateway Name

2. Gateway Name
Use the dropdown button to select the gateway of your choice.
If your chosen gateway is not listed, please contact MyCourts Support to ascertain which gateway is compatible.

Required Field

3. Required Field
A field with a white background will require completion. The data to include here will be supplied by your chosen gateway when you signup with them. Where necessary for the sake of clarity, the description label's text will be changed to accurately reflect the data required.

Not Required Field

4. Not Required Field
A field with a reddish background is not required to be completed for your chosen gateway.

Gateway Testing

5. Gateway Testing
Many pre-configured gateways have default test data built into MyCourts enabling you to perform tests before going live.
To perform a test with the default data, click the Fill Default Values button and then select Yes in the Test Mode box by clicking it. When you click the Test Gateway button MyCourts will use the default values and try to contact the gateway. Contact should succeed however may not return a success code due to various reasons. Those reasons should be displayed to you in the results window. The main purpose of this testing function is to confirm you can contact the gateway. If you can, then it will be necessary to use the codes they have given you to achieve a successful test.
You can click the Full Test button and a new window will open - See the next Help window for details.