MyCourts User Manual
Version v

Granting Discounts

MyCourts allows you pre-configure a wide range of Rates, Charges and Prices for both facility hire and sale of goods and services. We recognize however that there will be occasions when you will wish to give a special discount in certain circumstances. In some cultures and environments it is indeed 'normal' to negotiate an acceptable charge at the time of purchase.
In the above circumstances, you can configure MyCourts to allow your staff to grant those discounts. The procedures are:
1.     Enable the granting of discounts in MyCourts Credit Policy which is accessed via MyCourts Administrator.
2.     Make your booking or sale in the normal fashion. When you click on record in the bookings window, the POS window will open:
3.     The discount will now be applied:
You can apply a discount to any or all of the items as you wish.
You then close the sale in the usual fashion.
All discounts are recorded as a Comment and also in the log files.