MyCourts User Manual
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Kaba - Create Access Code

In addition to MyCourts automatically retrieving access codes and advising them to your hirer, you can also use this window to retrieve codes manually.
Kaba - Create Access Code

Kaba Door Name

1. Kaba Door Name
Select the door which you wish to retrieve an access code for from the drop down menu.

Date Valid For

2. Date Valid For
Select the date that the door access is required to start from.

Time Valid From

3. Time Valid From
Select the time of day that the code is valid from. The format of the text is in 24 hour format viz HH:mm. For example, 2:30 pm is 14:30.

Length of Access

4. Length of Access
Use the spin controls to increment the amount of time in minutes the code is to be valid for. The length of time in minutes will be increased or decreased by the length of your booking sessions.

Retrieve Code Button

5. Retrieve Code Button
Click this button for MyCourts to access the Kaba Web Service and retrieve the appropriate code.

Access Code

6. Access Code
The access code retrieved from the Kaba Web Service will be displayed here.