MyCourts User Manual
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Remote Controls

MyCourts has support for the Kaba eCode Access Management System built-in. When a hirer makes a reservation via the website or phone, you are able to advise them the access code required to unlock the required Kaba locks and thus gain access to the facilities. These access codes are also included in the email sent in confirmation of a reservation made via the MyCourts Web Services as well as the MyCourts SMS Text Messaging Reminder Service. This service is only available to purchasers of the MyCourts Enterprise Plus version and owners of the Kaba eCode Access Management system.
You will need to discuss the installation of the Kaba System with your selected locksmiths. They will be able to explain the system to you and how to generate codes and otherwise manage their system. If you require a user friendly full desktop based management system for your Kaba installation, please contact us for further details.
You will need a basic understanding of the Kaba System before completing MyCourts setup enabling the auto generation of codes. All of the details required to complete the setup will be supplied by your Kaba installer/dealer.
Remote Controls

Save Button

1. Save Button
Click here to save any changes to either the Access Management values or the Gate/Door Codes.
Changes made to the Kaba Codes need to be saved using the grid's buttons.

Create Code

2. Create Code
Click here to display the Create an Access Code window.

Gate or Door Codes

3. Gate or Door Codes
Each of your facilities available for hire will be listed here. If the individual facility has it's own door access then add the Kaba Code applicable to that door here.

Web Service URL

4. Web Service URL
The web address for MyCourts to send it's requests to.

Default Door Name

5. Default Door Name
The Default Door name is the Kaba protected door that will be used if there is no specific door available in the Gate/Door Codes.
In the screen capture, a hirer reserving 'Airlie Beach Court 1' will be advised the door access code for Kaba door named 'ABDoor_1' whereas a hirer for 'Centre Court' will be advised the Kaba door code entered here.

Default Door Level

6. Default Door Level
Kaba defines their grouping of MyCourts hire periods as 'UserLevels'. These are all defined by you and the Kaba installer. You need to enter them into the KABA Codes section below. For example, in this screen capture, UserLevel 0 has been defined as starting at 05:00 and finishing at 06:00.
MyCourts will try to determine the appropriate code to advise your hirer by first comparing the facility hire's start time with Kaba's TimeStart field and then try to match that with the facility hire's finish time and Kaba's TimeEnd field. If an exact match cannot be found, MyCourts will try to select a TimeEnd time that is greater than but as close to the finishing time of the hire possible. If it can't find one, then you can define a UserLevel code to advise the hirer here.
The Default User Level code should be a User Level that will enable any hirer to access the facility at anytime they have hired the facility for.
It follows that ultimate control over your access to the facilities is to provide a User Level Code for every conceivable hire period during the day. Whether this is practicable or even of any real benefit as far as security is concerned is a matter for you to decide.


7. Enabled
Tick this box to enable the Kaba Access Code generation functions of MyCourts.


8. Test
Click this button to test that MyCourts can successfully connect to the Kaba Web Service. If there are any errors, you will be advised the Kaba Error Code enabling you to fix the problem.

Kaba Codes

9. Kaba Codes
You will need to discuss your requirements with your locksmith however you should have them create UserLevel codes for all (or at least most) of the hire periods that you offer each day.
The columns match those configured for use by the Kaba system and have been translated to true/false for use by MyCourts. For example, if the Daily column is left unticked then that option is defined by Kaba as 'Weekly'.

Editing Codes

10. Editing Codes
Use these buttons to (in order) Add, Delete, Edit, and Save and Discard your changes.