MyCourts User Manual
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MyCourts can be run across a local area network and you may use as many instances of MyCourts as you wish.
Network Operations
The Server:
In a networked environment, MyCourts is installed on a computer that is designated as the server. The server can be using any operating system that allows you to share directories across a local area network.
Once you have installed MyCourts on the 'server' you should then configure MyCourts to suit your requirements. With one exception (see below) there are no special considerations in setting up MyCourts on a server except that you will need to share the directory where MyCourts database is located enabling it to be accessed across the network. Follow your operating systems instructions on how to share the directory on your network.
MyCourts Administrator will be fully operational on the server at all times, whilst MyCourts Administrator will only have limited functionality on the workstations.
The Workstation / Client:
MyCourts is installed on the workstation in the normal fashion however it is necessary to have MyCourts use the database located on the server. This is achieved by running MyCourts Administrator on the Client machine and changing the database location to that of the location on the server. Before you do this however, make sure you have mapped the server's database directory on the workstation. Follow the instructions at MyCourts Administrator - Setup - Network Setup with regard to changing the MyCourts database directory and select the mapped drive / directory. When requested by MyCourts Administrator to copy the files to the new directory, make sure you select No as you do not want to overwrite the server's database.
Important Considerations
Sharing Issues - Locating the MyCourts Database Directory
The database used by MyCourts relies heavily on the built-in file sharing capabilities of the operating system (Windows XP, Vista and Win7 etc) and accordingly you should not use MyCourts on the designated server. If you do wish to use MyCourts on the same machine that is designated as the server, then you should create a shared and mapped directory located on the server and then point MyCourts running on the server to use that shared folder as if it was a networked folder. This will help avoid sharing violations.
When updating MyCourts, it is necessary to update the server as well as each workstation's installation of MyCourts at the same time. Please ensure that MyCourts is not running on the server or any workstation before upgrading each instance of MyCourts. You should start with the server installation and then each workstation.
It is not necessary for any specific action to be taken when upgrading a networked setup other than the above.