MyCourts User Manual
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Online Options II

Online Options II


1. Save
Click here to save your changes.

Members Own Reservations

2. Members Own Reservations
Providing you allow members to view their own reservations they can also be allowed to cancel a reservation that has not yet passed it's start time as well as change the additional players first and last name as well as contact number.

Display Business Logo

3. Display Business Logo
Tick this option to enable the display of your business logo on the Availability web page.

Business Logo

4. Business Logo
Select you business logo by clicking the button to the right of the text window. The button is displaying the '...' ellipses.
Once you select the image file on your computer, MyCourts Administrator will copy it to the Web Services images folder as well as rename it to "CorporateLogo.png".
Your business logo should not exceed 200 pixels x 200 pixels in size and must be in the PNG format. Smaller images are fine and will have a transparent background. Larger images will distort the look of the web page itself.
If you don't have the capability to convert your logo to this size and format, send your business logo image to us and we will process it for you.

Create Account

5. Create Account
Cross this option if you don't allow visitors to your web site to create accounts or membership's online.

Viewing History

6. Viewing History
Use the spin edit to enter the number of days history that your visitors can view your facility availability.
This is historic data only and serves little purpose other than your facilities past usage. The information may also have already been deleted by MyCourts depending on your other settings.
MyCourts will generate a file named "Availability.aspx" that is accessible via your online web service. The page is available to all visitors to the web site and allows them to view available time slots that they may reserve for any period that you configure using this configuration page. The page looks like:
To actually make a reservation they will need to log on to your web service. A login module is displayed on this page for that purpose.
It is up to you to configure your main website to refer to either or both pages for your visitors/members to login. Your web master will need to handle this for you.
Whether hirer names are visible on this page or not is configured by the same method as for your normal facility pages. Again, we remind you that the display of hirer names can be considered in most countries as a security risk at best and a violation of Privacy Laws at worst. You have been warned.

Advance Bookings

7. Advance Bookings
Whilst this web page does not allow your visitors to actually make a reservation, you can give them the ability to see all the available time slots for as many days hence as you wish.