MyCourts User Manual
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MyCourts allows your users to access PayPal to pay their bookings and other fees. This access is via PayPal's Smart Payment Buttons interface. Click here for an overview of the Smart Buttons interface.
The details required to complete this page can be obtained as described in the PaPal App page.
We will be happy to assist you with any difficulties you may have with completion of these fields so please do not hesitate to email us.


1. Save
Click to save any changes you make.

Live or Sandbox data

2. Live or Sandbox data
Select either one of these two options and enter the appropriate data for that selection. The content in the below fields will change according to your selection.
Sandbox is used for testing only.
To test your configuration of PayPal leave the Sandbox radio button selected and save your changes. Then go to the Online Options page and enable the PayPal option. Restart your web service, log on and make a reservation and pay using your buyer Sandbox account. Once you have completed your testing you need to select Live.

App Name

3. App Name
The name you selected for your App. In our example we have named it "MyCourtsOnline".

Client ID

4. Client ID
The PayPal generated Client ID.


5. Secret
The PayPal generated 'Secret'.
You can view this code by clicking the eye.


6. Currency
Select the currency you use from the drop-down list.

PayPal URL

7. PayPal URL
The PayPal URL that you will use.
This is normally "" for the Sandbox and "" for Live. You should not change them unless specific urls are provided for your specific region which is not currently the case.
Note: These URLs are not the same as those referred to at Return URL.