MyCourts User Manual
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PayPal App

You need to create an "App" that MyCourts uses. Log in to your PayPal Business Account and select Developer. To create your "App", click on your User Name and select Dashboard. Then select "My Apps & Credentials". In the following example we have named the app "MyCourtsOnline". You can use any name you wish.
After creating your app you will be able to access the data you need to complete your PayPal setup.
PayPal App

Click your User Name

1. Click your User Name
After selection, click on Dashboard

My Apps & Credentials

2. My Apps & Credentials
Select "My Apps & Credentials"

Sandbox or Live

3. Sandbox or Live
You need to create both a Sandbox as well as a Live App so you will need to do this twice.

Create App

4. Create App
If not already done so, click "Create App".
Your App will be created automatically. You now need to add the displayed details into MyCourts Administrator taking care to match the data correctly with the Sandbox and Live selections.