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Rates and Charges

Rates and Charges
MyCourts is almost infinitely configurable with regards to rates and charges to apply for your facility hire.
Enforcing the configured rates and charges is decided under Credit Policy.
Setting up the rates to apply is achieved in MyCourts Administrator. Before we show you the basics though you should understand the following:
How MyCourts calculates the total hire charge.
MyCourts calculates all hire charges on a per-period basis. You configure the length of each period in units of x number of minutes each in the Facilities and Bookings section.
These periods can fall into either of two categories - a Peak Period or an Off-Peak period. Once MyCourts determines which period the reservation falls into, it then applies the Peak Period rate or if it is not a Peak Period then it will then ascertain what Rate Category the hirer falls into and apply that rate to each period. Note that the Peak Period Rate is applied irrespective of any other rate if the period period falls into a Peak Rate time slot.
Peak Rates
Peak Rates is normally the amount you wish to charge your facility users during the busy or 'peak periods'. You configure Peak Periods in MyCourts Administrator in the Peak Rates Window. For our discussion, we will use the following:
In MyCourts, you can only assign a Peak Rate to a Group of facilities. You cannot assign a Peak Rate to individual facilities. You could off course 'Group' your higher priced facilities together and then assign different Peak Rates to those groups.
Rate Categories
Rate Categories are simply a way of grouping users and being able to apply different rates to those groups of users. These Groups may be Students, Pensioners, Gold Members, Members, Casuals or whatever. There is no limit on the number of categories you can have in MyCourts. You configure Groups in the Rate Categories Window.
Per Period Charges
As you know, if the period does not fall into a Peak Rate time slot, then MyCourts will ascertain what Rate Category applies to the hirer and then determines the Per-Period charge to apply. The Per-Period amount is configured in the Per-Period Charge Window.
Minimum Charges
After MyCourts has worked out the rate to apply based on Peak Rate Rate Category Per-Period Charge it then checks to see that the total charge for the whole booking period (not just the individual periods) is not less than the Minimum Charge. The Minimum Charge is configured in the Minimum Charge Window.
By now MyCourts has finally calculated how much to charge for the first period. It will do this for each subsequent period to build up the total charge applicable as defined by you. If after all that however your hirer insists on a discount then you can change all the above on-the-spot - see Granting Discounts.
As an example let's assume Centre Court is hired for 2 hours from 3:30 pm Saturday to a hirer who is classed as a 'Student".
The 3:30 to 4:00 pm is in the Peak Hour and will be charged $13.75
The 4:00 to 5:30 pm is in the Student Rate category and totals (3 x $10) $30.00
The Total charge to the hirer is therefore $43.75 as it exceeds the Minimum Charge of $20.00.

Pricing Model

1. Pricing Model
MyCourts primary function is to check whether a hire period is available, reserve that period for a client whether it is a member or casual and then present to your staff a screen displaying the cost of that reservation based on the pre-configured settings you have previously decided upon.
You have the option of having MyCourts calculate the fee to be charged for the reservation based on one of two methodologies:
Charge per Facility
The Charge per Facility is the original MyCourts method of calculating hire charges and is based on returning the calculated cost plus profit margin for the use of the whole facility. This method ignores the number of players that may be using the facility and is therefore ideally suited to use where a Return on Investment (ROI) rate is used to determine the facility hire rate.
In the Charge per Facility model, there is only one amount calculated for the total cost of the facility hire.
Charge per Hirer
The Charge per Hirer option is intended for Clubs that determine the total cost of hire of individual facilities based on charging each individual player that will use that facility.
In the Charge per Hirer model, an amount is calculated for each individual hirer and the total cost of hire will be the sum of those amounts.
In either case, all of the other pricing options that can be configured and will be applied appropriately to either the total cost of hire or each individual hirer as determined by this setting.
It is possible to change this setting at any time.
Different settings cannot be applied to individual facilities.
Don't forget to click the Save button to save your new selection.

Rate Categories

2. Rate Categories
Creating Rate Categories allows you to apply different Minimum Charges and Per Period Charges to your members or guests.
You can create as many categories as suits your needs. Once you have created a category you can then assign different rates to charge your hirer if they fall within that category.

Minimum Charges

3. Minimum Charges
Click here to edit the Minimum Charge to apply for each facility and each category you have configured. Irrespective of any other charge you have assigned, if it doesn't equal or exceed this value, this is the value that MyCourts will use to calculate te amount to apply for the hire.

Per Period Charge

4. Per Period Charge
The Per Period Charge is the amount that you will charge to hire out each facility on a per period basis. You can assign a different rate to each category that you have defined.
Click here to edit those charge rates.
MyCourts only uses periods of 30 minutes. You can configure MyCourts to hide booking periods if you restrict starting times to certain periods of the day.

Peak Rates

5. Peak Rates
Peak Rates is the amount you wish to charge for each period that is considered your 'peak period' or business. These peak rates will override any other rate that you have assigned for the facility.
Click here to edit those rate charges.

Credit Policy

6. Credit Policy
Credit Policy is where you decide whether a hirer, be it casual or member, is required to pay for a booking immediately or at the time of play or whether members can or can't debit their accounts.
You can also decide whether Staff may override these settings. If they do, MyCourts will log their decision for your later perusal.
Click here to setup your Credit Policy.