MyCourts User Manual
Version v

Reservations   Bookings


Making a Reservation

All individual reservation information is entered into one simple window to make it easier for you.
To make a reservation you need to open the Reservation Window. You do this by clicking on the empty grid cell corresponding to the first booking period requested on the appropriate Facility Tab for which you wish to make a reservation. This can be the Tabs for Facility 1 to 48 OR the "All Facilities" Tab.
"Once Only" reservations can be made on any of the Facility Tabs including the "All Facilities Tab" however recurring or Weekly Bookings must be made on the Facility Tab for the specific facility that has been requested.
If a Weekly Booking is requested and there is a conflicting booking sometime in the weeks ahead you will be notified of the conflict including the date and time of when the conflict will occur. You will need to change the Facility to one that is available for the requested time each week into the future OR you can chose to make several bookings to meet your customers requirements. Another alternative would be to cancel or move the already conflicting booking and create another booking that will replace the conflicted booking. The choice is up to you.
Once you have completed the reservation form, click Save and you will be taken to the POS Window to complete payment arrangements.

Viewing Reservation Information

Viewing information regarding a reservation is quick and easy. You can click on the reservation in any of the facility tables and the Reservation Details will be displayed.
Alternatively, more detail of all reservations can be made by clicking on the Bookings Tab.

Canceling a Reservation.

Click on the reservation in the Facility window and then select Cancel. Alternatively you can cancel the reservation from the Bookings Tab.
In either case, after clicking on Cancel, if a payment has been made you will be prompted with the option to make a refund.