MyCourts User Manual
Version v


Setup the conditions that will apply to your Reservations or Hire Facilities.


1. Save
Save your changes.

Hire Unit Length

2. Hire Unit Length
The number of minutes in each hire unit.
MyCourts uses these periods to calculate your booking fees as well. For example, you may decide to have a minimum booking period of 1 hour and after that, multiples of 15 minutes. You would therefore set the booking period to 15 minutes. The hirer would then book a facility for say 5 periods which would equal 1 hour 15 minutes.

Force Minimum Hire

3. Force Minimum Hire
Do you wish to force the Minimum Hire Period?
The minimum booking period for each Group is configured under the Groups window

First Hire Starts

4. First Hire Starts
The first hire of the day can start at this time.

Last Hire Finishes

5. Last Hire Finishes
The last hire of the day must finish by this time.

Enforce Last Hire Time

6. Enforce Last Hire Time
Normally, MyCourts will not permit you to record a booking that extends beyond the finishing time defined above. If you disable this option by crossing it then MyCourts will ignore the last booking period and merrily record the booking for a maximum period of 24 hours providing no other booking conflicts with the new one.
This option is intended for use by Clubs who operate 24 hours per day and hence the continuation of the booking beyond the 'Last Booking' time would be normal.
The booking may not be displayed in the appropriate grid cells if you have not configured MyCourts First and Last Booking times span to include those booked periods.

Hire Available From

7. Hire Available From
If you do not allow bookings to be made before a certain period of time then select the days and hours here. This setting is enforced in both the desktop and on-line booking screens.
For example, if you do not allow bookings to be made for a facility beyond 7 days hence, then select 7 in the Days section. Bookings will not be permitted until the required period falls within the next 7 days. The time is calculated in hours.
Leaving these at '0' disables this restriction.
and on-line:

Number of Players

8. Number of Players
Set the maximum and minimum number of player details required for online bookings.
Do you require contact information? Covid-19 Requirements apply?
You can record up to 4 players names in the booking records. Select from 1 to 4. Only the number selected of Panels will be displayed.
If enabled, the on-line booking system will display fields for this information to be inserted by the hirer :

Staff Override

9. Staff Override
Allow staff to override restrictions.