MyCourts User Manual
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Cell Display

Cell Display
If you have selected to use names instead of images in the reservation tables in Facility Display then the settings displayed in this window will allow you to customize the various combinations available to you.
You can customize the display of the following categories of reservations:
Members | Once Only Reservations | Paid or Unpaid
Members | Weekly Reservations | Paid or Unpaid
Non-Members | Once Only Reservations | Paid or Unpaid
Non-Members | Weekly Reservations | Paid or Unpaid
Unconfirmed Reservations
Professional Sessions.
You can also customize the cells appearance for Events as well as Courses via their individual setup screens at the time of creating the Event or Course.
Resetting the Colours
Normally, individual cells (and there can be thousands of them!) are only recast once a day and during a background process minimizing any disruption to MyCourts normal usage. Changes made here will only be used for new reservations; current reservations will therefore generally not be updated in MyCourts until the next day. You can force MyCourts to recast the cells colours when next MyCourts is started by clicking on the Apply Changes button however there may be some slowing down of MyCourts for the first few minutes depending upon the size of you reservations list.


1. Save
Click here to save any changes you have made.


2. Selections
Use these dropdown selectors as follows:
Background Colour 1
This is the colour that appears in the left or top side of the cell.
Background Colour 2
This is the colour that appears in the right or bottom side of the cell.
Horizontal: Colour changes from left to right, colour 1 to 2
Vertical: Colour changes from top to bottom, colour 1 to 2
Backward Diagonal: Colour changes from top right to bottom left, colour 1 to 2
Forward Diagonal: Colour changes from bottom left to top right, colour 1 to 2.
Text Colour
The colour of the text in the cell.
Web Pages:
Cells in the web pages are coloured using Background Colour 1 and Text Colour only.

Reset Defaults

3. Reset Defaults
Click to reset the selections back to their default values for the respective group.

Apply Changes

4. Apply Changes
Click here to have MyCourts use the new colours when it is next started.