MyCourts User Manual
Version v

Facility Display

The Facility Display window allows you to configure how the facility hire windows (or grids) are displayed.
Facility Display
The following screen capture illustrates how the grids are displayed. Individual cells colour coding can be configured in the Cell Display section.


1. Save
Click to Save your changes before you leave this screen.
It is recommended that MyCourts should not be running at the same time that you save any changes.

Days to Display

2. Days to Display
Select the number of days that you wish displayed in your facility windows. This will display the bookings for each of those days in the window.
The default is 28 days (4 weeks) however you can select more or less as you wish.
Selecting a very large number will slow the performance of MyCourts.

Display 4 Hirers

3. Display 4 Hirers
If you chose to record up to 4 players/hirers names then you may also like to display those names in the facility windows as in the following example:
Selecting this option will make all the rows taller. You can also view all the players names by left clicking on the cell irrespective of whether you chose to enable this option or not.
You will need to restart MyCourts for this change to take effect.
This option is not the same as the 4 Hirer Pricing Model. Players recorded with the Facility Hire Model are not individually charged or accounted for.

Default View

4. Default View
You may chose to display an image or (as in the above screen capture) the hirers name in the bookings windows. You can set the default mode here.
You can also change this when running MyCourts by right clicking your mouse whilst hovering over the grid window. This will display the following menu:
You may chose to change the view 'on-the-fly'.

Select Image

5. Select Image
If you have selected the option to display an image instead of the hirers name in the facility windows, you can chose from a selection of images here.

Hide Time Slots

6. Hide Time Slots
You can hide time cells (or slots) so that bookings cannot be entered or commenced at that time. This is particularly useful when you have set times for when a booking can commence or how long a booking period can extend over.
Two lists are provided - one for the Morning (AM) and one for the Afternoon / Evening (PM). The morning list will commence from the time of the first booking whilst the evening list will end at the time of the last booking. The start and finish times are set in the Facilities and Bookings window.
In the above screen capture, we have elected to hide each half-hourly time slot as all bookings must commence on the hour and have a minimum duration of 1 hour (as set in the Facilities and Bookings window) .
The result of the above selection is that the displayed windows will be more compact and and bookings cannot be made outside of the set requirements:
The above screen capture also includes the option to display up to 4 hirers names and hence the taller cell size.