MyCourts User Manual
Version v

Club Details

The Club's name forms part of your license to use MyCourts so once you have purchased MyCourts, you should not change this before contacting Aquarius Communications for assistance and guidance regarding obtaining a new license.
There are two sections to complete, Club Address and Statement details as well as an E-Mail address that can be used by MyCourts.
Club Details

Save Button

1. Save Button
After making your changes to the Club Name or Address details, click here to Save them.
MyCourts should not be running at the same time that you save any changes.

Show Passwords

2. Show Passwords
Show or Hide passwords.

Club Name

3. Club Name
Enter the name of your Club Here.
Please note that when you purchase MyCourts, your key will be in this name so once you have registered and purchased MyCourts you should not change the name otherwise MyCourts will not run.

Contact Number

4. Contact Number
Enter a contact number that Club Members can use to contact you.

Address Lines

5. Address Lines
Enter the address of your Club Here. Two lines are provided for this information.
This information is used when printing statements and receipts as well as on the web site.

Statement Comment

6. Statement Comment
When statements are printed, this line of text will be printed on the statement.

Use Own Letterhead

7. Use Own Letterhead
If you are using your own stationery when you print your statements, mark this with a tick [] and the above address fields as well as the name of the Club will be suppressed.

EMail Service

8. EMail Service
The settings are all the normal settings required to setup an email address that MyCourts can use for out bound emails. These emails will generally be Membership Renewal notices, hire confirmations etc. This setting is gradually being replaced in many instances by the Web Services email address and will eventually become obsolete.
This email address should not be confused with the email address used by MyCourts for the Web Services. That email address must be for the exclusive use of MyCourts whereas the email service setup here can also be used by other's as well.