MyCourts User Manual
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Course Attendances

Course Attendances
You keep track of your Students attendances as well as the accounting via the Course Attendances window.
This window is accessed from the Courses - Current Courses window.


1. Print
Opens the Print Preview window allowing you to print the Attendance Record. Great for when you need a written check list of attendees.

Separate Processing

2. Separate Processing
If you wish to process each student separately select this option.
By selecting this option, as you click the grid to indicate an attendance, you will also be shown the POS Window enabling you to record the payment due for that session. If the course is not charged on a "per-session" basis and the course has already been paid for, the POS Window will not be shown.

Bulk Processing

3. Bulk Processing
If you wish to update all the students attendance records together then select this option.

Bulk Process

If you have selected Bulk Processing then this button will be displayed.
After you have toggled all the students attendance records at the course, click the button to record the attendance and if there is a fee due, it will be charged to the Students account. If the student does not have an account then the amount due will be recorded as a 'Booking Only' and you will need to collect this manually.

Unlock Records

5. Unlock Records
To avoid making mistakes, the individual attendance records are locked. Click here to unlock them.

Course Title

6. Course Title
The course title that you are amending student records for will be shown here.

Session Times

7. Session Times
MyCourts will determine and display each session date.

Attendance Record

8. Attendance Record
Click the cross to record the students attendance at the course for the relative session.
The cross will change to a tick to signify attendance.
If there is a course fee for this session, the POS window will open for you to record the sale. If you have chosen to Bulk Process the records, the POS window will not be shown. When you click the Bulk Process Attendances button, all the students that have been marked as attended will be automatically charged the fee to their account.

Students Name

9. Students Name
Each student enrolled for the course will have their name recorded.