MyCourts User Manual
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Current Courses

Current Courses
Current Courses are really a superset of a Base Course. Once you have the Course Template setup you then can build your active course.
The Course Template is the core of what your Current Course is all about. This window (the Current Course) really just establishes the when and where factors.

Course Template

1. Course Template
Once you have selected either New or Edit from the Navigation Bar you will need to select from this drop down menu one of your Base Courses before you can proceed further.

Facilities Reserved

2. Facilities Reserved
Click here and the following drop down appears:
Click New to make a new reservation or Edit to view or edit the current reservations.
Refer to Block Reservations for more details.


3. View
Click to open the following drop down menu:
Courses are never really deleted. When you click on delete they will be marked as Inactive. Make your selection here if you would like to view all the courses, cancelled or not.

Course Title

4. Course Title
The title of this course.
This title will be used elsewhere in MyCourts and you should be aware that only the first 16 characters will be used in the facility schedules. If you have several courses with very similar titles and they will be current at the same time you should consider this when deciding on the title.

Course Days

5. Course Days
Tick the days that this course will be conducted on.
For example, if you have a course that runs on two days a week then select the two days. MyCourts will then know that if the course contains 10 sessions, the course will actually run over 5 weeks.
This information is used to establish the Attendance Records as well and should not be changed during the course.
NOTE: If you select then MyCourts will not calculate the days that lessons are conducted. Instead, you will be able to record the completion of each lesson as the student progresses at their own pace.

Course Commences

6. Course Commences
Enter the starting date and time.

Course Information

7. Course Information
These fields all default to the Base Course however you can amend them to suit this particular course.

Course Leader

8. Course Leader
Select the name of the Course Leader (or Coach, Trainer, Professor etc) from the drop down list.
To add names to the list of Course Leaders, use the Membership Window and add a new member as a Course Leader. If you have not yet configured MyCourts to use a category for Course Leaders you may do so by selecting Manage Course Leaders from the Current Courses navigator selector or in  MyCourts Administrator.

Display Colour

Each course can have it's own colours when displayed in the facility screens. The two colours you can chose blend from top to bottom.
In this screen shot, the resultant colours are displayed :

Course Notes

Enter details about the course here.

Enrolled Sudents

11. Enrolled Sudents
The list of all the enrolled students.

Edit Buttons

Use these buttons to select the various functions available to you.
Detailed instructions are detailed in the Current Course Functions section.

Navigation Bar

This window is the default window and will be open when you select Courses from the Main Menu.
You can return to this window by clicking here.