MyCourts User Manual
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Current Course Functions

Current Course Functions
Current Course Functions
From the Navigation Menu you can select various functions relative to the Current course.

Add Student

Clicking on Add Student will open the above window allowing you to select from the drop down list.
Once you select the Student (who must also be a Club member) you will be shown the POS Screen so that you can collect payment for the course.
If the course is free then the POS window will not be displayed.

Delete Student

2. Delete Student
To delete a student from the course, first select the Student from the Enrolled Students list and then click here.
You will be asked to confirm the deletion.

Student Attendance

3. Student Attendance
This is where you keep track of your students attendances at the courses' sessions (if there is more than one session that is).
Details of this item are contained in the Course Attendances section.

New Course

4. New Course
Click to create a new course.
This will clear the currently displayed course window allowing you to select a new course template so that you can customize the new course.

Edit Course

5. Edit Course
Click here to edit the course.
Once a course has commenced it is strongly advised not to change the settings that contain attendance records as this could make it difficult to keep track of course payments.
If there needs to be substantial changes then it may be best to make this course inactive and commence another course to follow on from this one.
Once - only changes can also be recorded in the course notes.

Cancel Course

6. Cancel Course
Click to cancel this course.
Note that the course is not deleted. It is marked as inactive.