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MCA Languages

MCA Languages
Languages allows you to customize most of the text displayed within MyCourts.
MyCourts inherits the text associated with your computers regional setup settings and hence controls that make use of those settings, for example the date and time format, the currency indicator etc will be the same that are already appearing on your computer.
Further, many of the controls used by MyCourts are also available in other languages however we need to incorporate them especially into MyCourts. It doesn't happen automatically. At present we have only made available Spanish however if you need another language please let us know and we will try to incorporate it into MyCourts.
The text displayed by MyCourts can be changed to suit your needs. This will normally be your regional language (English, Spanish etc) but there is nothing stopping you from creating your own customized text. For example, if you leave your chosen language as English in MyCourts Setup - Display, you can still change the words to suit your own needs.
We had a lot of difficulty deciding on using the term 'Courses'. Why not change it to 'Coaching' if that suits you better.
Not all text or labels are able to be changed as we do not always code MyCourts to enable text changes. There are various reasons for this however if there is any particular text area that you want to change, let us know and we will try to include the ability to edit it in the next release.
When we do release new versions of MyCourts that include text areas that can be edited by you, the initial translation by us is usually performed by using Google Translation services. These translations are rarely perfect and you will probably need to change them. If you do, please send us an email with the changes you made so that we can include them in future releases.

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