MyCourts User Manual
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Membership Window

Membership Window
The Membership Window is used to manage your membership database as well as view the individual members account, past booking history and other relative data.
You also use this window to access the tasks and tools associated with your membership base, eg Mail Merge.
Most of the items and functions available from this window are only available in the Enterprise Version. Only the basic items are available in the Standard Version.
The information required in the various text boxes, drop down lists etc are largely self explanatory and accordingly we have only provided notes on those items that are not explained elsewhere or are not self-explanatory.
If you need to refer to a member's account in Reports you may need to include your own AC-Code in MyCourts Administrator.


The drop down menu selector control allows you to select which categories of membership you wish to view as well as whether you wish to view active or inactive members.
To include or exclude the categories of membership in the table, tick the item by clicking your left mouse button on the category. As you add categories, they will be automatically included in this list of available selections.
When you delete a member, they are marked as inactive. If you would like to include those members, tick the Inactive category.
MyCourts remembers your selection from session to session.
Once you have made your selections, click the Refresh button.


2. Search
Enter at least part of the required member's contact number OR email address in the respective search box and then press the search button.
The members displayed will then be those meeting your search criteria.
To clear the search and see all the filtered members, press the clear button which will be displayed in the respective search box after you enter some search criteria.

Member Picker

3. Member Picker
Quick Select:
Click in this text box and start typing in the member's Last Name (or Business Name if it's a business)  and the view will change to match the typed in text.
Quick Select 2:
Use this list of members to either scroll through your list of members or quickly find the member's details that you wish to display.
Note: You will only be able to locate members that are included in the Filter list. If you know a member exists but their record is not being displayed, ensure you have included all the possible categories in the Filter list.

Last Name

4. Last Name
This is a normal text box where you type in the members Last Name.

Membership Number

5. Membership Number
Each member must have a unique membership number.
MyCourts will automatically enter the next highest number but you may change it here if you wish.
The membership number can only contain numbers and cannot be changed at a later time.


6. Active
Active toggle.
Click this icon to mark the member as Active or Inactive.

Short Name

7. Short Name
The Short Name field is the name that is displayed in the various booking windows as well as when selecting the member. It is also used to sort members.
When creating a new member, this feld is automatically filled in with the Last Name followed by a comma and then the first initial of the person (or second word in the case of a Business Membership. You can change it to whatever suits your circumstances.
When chosing a Short Name, please remember that in some places (drop-down member pickers etc) the Short Name is used to sort your membership database.

Membership Category

8. Membership Category
Select the Membership Category that this member will belong to.
Membership Categories are setup and configured in MyCourts Administrator.
Membership Categories and Rate Categories are NOT the same.

Rate Category

9. Rate Category
Select the Rate Category that will apply to this member.
See Rate Categories for more details.


10. Internet
The Internet section comprises the following components:
Username is the name for this member to logon to the web service. This must be unique and cannot be duplicated with another member's logon name.
The members password for the web service access.
Email Address
The member's email address. This must be unique for each member.
Send Email
Toggle if this member wishes to receive email circulars etc. Toggling this option does not send an email to your member.
You may toggle this On or Off once you have confirmed the member's email address is correct.
When a new member signs up for internet access using the MyCourts web service an email is automatically sent to them by MyCourts. When they respond to that email, this setting is automatically updated.
If the member's email address has not been confirmed then they will not be sent email.
If a member's email address has not been confirmed and this item is not "Yes", the member will not be able to logon to the online web interface.


11. Type
MyCourts supports two types of membership. Either a Personal Membership or a Business Membership.
The Personal Membership window is displayed above. If you chose the Business Membership type then the options are changed slightly as in this image:
Do not confuse Membership Type with Membership Category. You can have as many Membership Categories as you chose to configure.

Member Notes

12. Member Notes
Click here to add or edit the Membership notes applicable for this member.

Phone Contact

13. Phone Contact
Provision is made to enter two telephone numbers, a Home number as well as a regular Contact number.
If you enable the SMS function for this customer, MyCourts will allow you to send them SMS messages including reservation confirmations, reminders etc.
When you enable SMS, you will need to select one of the radio buttons to the right of the respective numbers. The radio button selection defines which number will be used as the destination number when sending the SMS message.

Image Location

14. Image Location
You select and record the image you wish to display in the picture window here.
You can select the default location for your images from the Setup Window.


15. Notes
The notes that you have made in regards to this member will be shown here.

Navigation Bar

16. Navigation Bar
This is a standard navigation bar that you can use to navigate or scroll through your membership database.

Send SMS Message

17. Send SMS Message
Click this menu item to send the currently selected member an SMS text message. A new Send SMS window will open allowing you to enter the required message text.

Manage Membership

18. Manage Membership
Select Manage Members to expand the Manage Members navigation window:

Member Details

19. Member Details
Select this menu navigation bar to expand the Member Details navigation window:
Select Booking History to view the member's bookings history, Bookings/Sales Payments to view the amounts paid or outstanding for the member's bookings or other purchases or select Account Details to view the details of the member's own account.