MyCourts User Manual
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New User Welcome Message

New User Welcome Message
After a new web user has completed the Signup Form, MyCourts will send them a confirmatory email which will be their permanent record of their Username and Password.
The email should contain a link that they can click on to confirm their registration. If they don't confirm their registration then it is likely they have not given you their correct email address. If necessary, you can change their details in the Membership Window. You can also verify them manually in that same window.
You can use the following tokens which will be replaced by MyCourts with the respective details:
The users first name.
The users last name.
The users full name.
The users password.
The users logon name.
The http link to your automatic confirmation page.

Ribbon Menu

1. Ribbon Menu
The Ribbon Menu contains all the necessary options you will require.
Don't forget to Save your changes which will come into effect immediately.


2. Weblink
The WebLink token is very important and works as follows:
When the user receives his welcome message it should include the #WebLink# token which will be replaced by MyCourts with the web address that you have recorded in the Online Setup window. MyCourts will append to that web address additional information that relates specifically to the new user. When they click on this link, they will be taken directly to a special welcome page which also updates their membership details.
Until their email address has been verified in this fashion (or by you manually), they will not be able to logon.